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Denatured Ethyl Alcohol For Cosmetic And Chemical Industry (Industrial Ethyl Alcohol)

Kozmetik Alkol

A minimum of 96% percent alcohol in volume of agriculturally derived denatured bulk industrial ethyl alcohol for use in cosmetics, chemistry and other manufacturing industries by authorized ethyl alcohol distribution companies and the current capacity report is searched and delivered to the place where the user makes production. It is widely used in the production of cosmetics such as cologne, perfume, deodorant.

Ethyl Alcohol With Agricultural Roots For Domestic Use

Evsel Alkol

For uses such as food preparation, the ethyl alcohols are only packed in 70 ml or 1 liter glass bottles in the ethyl alcohol production plant or in the appropriate distilled spirits production facility or imported as packaged. This ethyl alcohol, which is supplied to the market by authorized ethyl alcohol or alcoholic beverage distributors, is offered for sale by the sellers who have the ethyl alcohol wholesale certificate and the ethyl alcohol retail sale certificate.

Pure Ethyl Alcohol for Medical Use

Tıbbi Alkol

Undenatured ethyl alcohols for use in healthcare facilities such as pharmacies and hospitals, packaged in 5 liter containers with a volume of 96%. They are only packed in the ethyl alcohol production plant or imported as packaged. These ethyl alcohols, which are supplied to the market by competent ethyl alcohol distributors, are offered to the use of healthcare institutions such as pharmacies and hospitals by sellers who have a wholesale certificate of ethyl alcohol.


TAPDK Institution Registration Number 30İD 06.060300.01

Distribution authorization certificate- Import Pre-Assessment Certificate for 5 LT-Import Pre-Assessment for bulk ethyl alcohol

Our Company

Our company was established in 2006 to import and distribute Ethyl Alcohol. In order to be able to operate in the Ethyl Alcohol sector, it received the necessary import distribution and authorization certificate from TAPDK. TAPDK Institution Registration Number 30İD 06.060300.01

Vission & Mission

Our vision is a pioneer in the understanding and management of ethyl alcohol sector, dynamic, self-renew, to be a company brand. Our mission, our attention to detail with a sense of responsibility, have the power of high morale, customer needs and delivering the highest quality standards in a timely manner, we can satisfied customer base beyond expectations to create specialized employees.

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